Trusted Legal Center Providing Quality Non-Legal Assistance

Phemnick Legal Center is a Para-legal/ Consulting firm with its head office in Baltimore, Maryland, USA; The firm is committed to help navigate individuals and families through the complex nature of immigration matters

We pride ourselves in breaking down the barriers and simplifying all immigration issues brought before us, by listening, and adequately providing you with the requisite information/services desired and where necessary refer you to the right organization that will give the best and efficacious solution to your challenges


As immigrants ourselves, we understand the delicate nature of immigration matters. We will offer you a Non-legal assistance that will guide you through the entire process and work hard to attain a resolution that fits your needs and aspiration.

Consultations are conveniently and efficiently arranged. Options vary from in person consultation at our office location or via telephone. We urge you to please ask our client service representative for details on which may apply to your situation.